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Welcome to workhop

Designed for you... the digital nomad, entrepreneur, business travel and anyone seeking work flexibility.

All working spaces in one place

Download the app on your smartphone and find your dream working space


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Workhop is simple

it connects you with available co working spaces

When you want

For a day or more!

Where you want

Convenient locations!

With amenities you want

Free WIFI, pet friendly, bike storage, and more!

On demand, by the day with no long-term contracts or hassles

Built for your schedule!

Workhop is easy

Easy to use and fun to explore

Download the app

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For the Operators

Workhop is not simply an aggregator...Workhop is at the forefront of a new, growing demographic...the freelancer, digital nomad, the worker demanding flexibility with how, where and with whom they work


  • A window into the growing 'independent worker' space.
  • Attract the independent worker to your facility.
  • Noninvasive: our focus is to monetize your excess capacity in
  • Easy to implement- little to no human interaction.
  • Not a hope and wish...Workhop pre buys day passes.
  • You get instant business.